Everyday is Thanksgiving

by Jamak on November 26, 2009

I have been watching people’s attitude today. Whether it’s out on the road, in the stores, the gym or social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) everyone seems to be calmer, happier, more gentle, and giving towards each other.

This got me thinking about why today is so different from yesterday?
Did the sun come out of a different location or may be its just shining a little differently today? Or maybe the tilt of earth is a bit different? Is it the position of the stars? I think you get the point…

Today is not any different than yesterday or tomorrow. It’s only our attention. Is it not? When you opened your eyes this morning did you not have a positive intention? As a result, you are more giving, more forgiving, and kinder.

This CAN continue and I would like to propose the idea that we each get up tomorrow morning with the same intention: Every day is Thanksgiving Day!

After all, the breath continues tomorrow and we should each be thankful for every inhale. The sun will continue to shine and we should be grateful for every moment of this continued blessing.

Let’s be thankful for life and spread the love. Please help by retweeting this or sharing it out to your community. Would love to read your comments!

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