Google can pay your mobile bill?

by Jamak on August 19, 2010

I have  a love / hate relationship with Google and I have never tried to hide that. Today, it is more on the love side as Google has been helping me on my mobile bill for the past few months. OK lets cut to the chase and tell you how…

Head over and grab yourself a Google Voice number. Yes it is free (its not available in Canada yet but I am sure it will be soon). It comes with very cool features including an option to listen to the caller while they are leaving you a voicemail and the option to interrupt the voicemail and talk to them. Yeah kinda cool isn’t it? You also get to choose a number using characters so you can have your name in the number etc.

Once you have your Google voice number, head over to your wireless account and edit your ‘fav 5′ or ‘A list’ or whatever terminology the cell phone company uses. Basically, most companies allow you to call a handful of numbers for free; add yourGoogle voice number to this list.

From this point onwards, any call that is made to your Google Voice number will be free (you still receive it on your mobile). And any call you make through your Google Voice number is also free. How do you make calls through your Google Voice number? Easy: dial your Google Voice number, enter your pin, Press 2 and then dial the number followed by the # sign. All calls to the US and Canada are free!

Leave me a comment please with what your thoughts are or if you have any questions.

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